Having advantages in products design, process control and strict management over other manufactures, We research and develop potassium monopersulfate compound, which is very promising in application, and make bulk production in China at first. potassium monopersulfate compound will be used widely for its excellent characteristic in relative fields.

Due to its particular strong oxidation, persulfate is used as a major ingredient of etchant, polymerization initiator, oxidant, disinfector, bleacher, desizing, hair cosmetics, etc. It is widely adopted in water and waste gas treatment, electronic, paper, textile, medicine, chemistry, petroleum, lipin, Aquiculture, etc .

We provide series of persulfate products for our customer. We will always ask advice to satisfy costumers through our continual improvement,

pool and spa shock and disinfector
oral hygiene formulations
printed circuit board etching
polymerization initiator
wool shrink proofing resins
oxidative degradation of harmfulgas
precious metal extraction process
oxygen releasing agent in aquiculture
accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesive
Oxidant for changing unsaturated Carbon-hydrogen into saturated one
bleaching formulations for hair cosmetics
paper and textile cold bleaching and desizing

potassium monopersulfate

potassium persulfate

sodium persulfate

ammonium persulfate